What The Diet Industry Won’t Tell You – 6 Secrets Revealed

In the US, people spend billions of dollars yearly on dieting. While some of them may records successes, the majority are left wallowing in the cycle of weight loss – weight gain while the profits of the industry players keep soaring. To beat this, there are certain secrets you must know tips, such as how the various potato varieties, which can increase the efficiency of weight-loss diets.

So, here are some of the secrets you should know:

  1. The industry is geared towards profit and not towards making you slimmer: The reason why you and countless others are spending money on the various products from the diet industry is that you think they are out to help you lose weight. That is not to say they don’t care about your weight loss, but money is the primary motivation. Take a second to think about this!
  2. Most ads are misleading: You’ve seen the ads. “Lose 30 kg in three months”, “this woman lost 15 kg using this super supplement”. These ads are usually followed by carefully edited images that enhance the impression of the product in your mind. But in reality, most of these products are mostly ineffective especially alone.
  3. You can have a healthy relationship with food: You can eat almost any type of food provided you follow a strict portion control regimen, and increase the intervals between meals. For example, eating a little French fries of various potato varieties once every 6 months is not going to make you add more weight or increase your risk of developing heart diseases.
  4. They use misleading terms: Terms like “discovered”, “medically-approved,” “recommended” or “scientifically proven” when used to describe weight loss products are mostly misleading. Most often, there is no mention of a qualified scientist or medical doctor who reviewed the scientific evidence. These terms however convey a feeling of trust to the users who rush to purchase the products.
  5. Reviews and testimonials are deceiving: These days, companies can, and pay for positive reviews and testimonials from people to launder the image of their products.
  6. The industry relies on your negative feelings: Most people want to lose weight because they feel fat, and not for health reasons. That is what the industry lives off on. Develop a strong sense of self-worth so you can go ahead to eat various potato varieties without feeling like a criminal.