What Are The Telugu Movies App To Watch With Our Family?

Since the Telugu entertainment world is notable for delivering many films every year, many OTT streaming platforms on the planet are releasing blockbuster Telugu motion pictures. This is likewise because full-on action-packed Telugu movies are consistently a hit. If you need to keep yourself up-date with the most recent Telugu films, AHA is the latest movies online that offers you Telugu HD movies you’ve been waiting to watch eagerly.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for Hollywood films dubbed in Telugu, or you’re just looking for the best Telugu motion pictures to watch this evening, AHA will consistently be a standout amongst other OTT platforms. Film streaming on AHA that you can enjoy watching with your family or friends:

  • Galli Sampath

Sometimes we have been seeing the public authority’s rescue efforts when a kid falls into an open borewell. In this film, when a grown-up winds up in that circumstance, one anticipates the audience to emphasize, but that doesn’t occur.

The movie has two sections; the first is a portrayal of Gaali Sampath’s persevering efforts to organize a dramatization at the Parishad level rivalries and win eight lakhs’ prize cash to gift his child a truck. The father and child share a blow hot-blow cold relationship because of the father’s rash demonstrations. Regardless of his well-behaved manner, the dad winds up disrupting his child’s benefits and screws up everything.

Coming to direction, Director Anish Krishna figures out how to extract excellent performance from all his lead entertainers. The cinematography is fantastic as he catches the magnificence of Araku well. Music is very moving and causes the scene to stand apart. Overall this film is a good watch.

  • Mail

The story is set in the mid-2000s when the little towns became acquainted with what a PC is. Hybath (Priyadarshi) is a modest photographic artist who carries a PC to his city and draws in the young. Ravi (Harshith Reddy) is the person who is overly inquisitive about the PC. He makes a mail-id and one fine day gets a fake email that he has won an amount of 2 crores as a lottery. How does Ravi’s life change after this email is the entire story of the film?

Coming to the director Uday Gurrala, he has done fantastic work with the film. His composing is genuine, and that is displayed excellent performance of the star cast. Music and cinematography are top-notch.

Overall, this film is a cute drama with outstanding performance and an excellent storyline. Watch this film this weekend.

If you love watching the most recent Telugu HD movies on your phone, you can likewise download the latest movie app– Aha, accessible for both iOS  well as Android smartphones at. This application additionally offers the absolute most mainstream web series too. The Aha is an ideal streaming app in case you’re ready for membership-based OTT platforms.