Tips to Stay Safe At Palouse Falls

A view that is so breath-taking all throughout the year, Palouse Falls is a must place to visit when you go to Walla Walla region for a weekend getaway. Water is running high, so seeing the cascade is significantly more emotional as it falls over the slope of columnar basalt and plunges 200 feet to its whirling bowl, leaving hazy contrails drifting afterward. A view that can definitely take your breath away.

It will be a sin to not capture this wonderful sight so it is always suggested to bring your camera with you while paying Palouse Falls a visit.

Yet in addition, the guides always suggest bringing your senses and focus with you, at any time.

Like many of our natural wonders in any country, there’s an element of danger associated with visiting Palouse Falls State Park. That said, here are three tips that you can take with you when visiting a new place for your vacation:

Always do your research

> Keep in mind that since this is a new place for you, or maybe not, there is always something new that it has to offer. It is also important to know where is what, or might even be better if you have a map with you.

Always have a buddy with you

> Don’t wander alone. It is always important to have someone walking with you, not only to pass the time but if in case anything happens to you, like you trip on your own feet or an insect bite, someone can give a hand or ask for help.

Pay attention not only to the destination but on the way to it

> The view is awesome, but it is really important to know where you are going and how are you going to get there. If possible, it is best if you leave tracks. Who knows, right?

These are just simple tips and anyone can follow. Yet, people still make poor choices and flirt with that danger.So it is best to really “plan” all the aspects of your weekend getaway to be prepared when things go south in your trip.