Telugu Language Of Television Talk Show Hosted By Samantha

If you are someone who loves to stay updated about the latest Telugu celebrity news and gossip, you should make sure that you catch up with every talk show that they appear on. So if your favorite celebrity has appeared on the best Telugu talk show Sam Jam that is being streamed on aha, make sure you watch this show.

The talk show Sam jam is a Telugu web television talk show that premiered on 13th November 2020. The talk show Allu Aravind had announced in early 2020 that he would be launching a new talk show. However, the launching had got postponed because of the covid-19 pandemic. Later around 6th November 2020, Allu Aravind announced that the talk show would be launched soon. Samantha Akkineni would host it, and the creative director would be B. V. Nandini Reddy. This had created quite a sensation in social media and celebrity news because Samantha Akkineni is a renowned name for being the best host on Telugu Bigg Boss 4. She had already made her talent as a host recognized and this launching of the talk show was fruitful.

In the first episode, Samantha had brought in Vijay Devarakonda as the guest, the most renowned actor and producer in the Telugu film industry. In this episode, there was a sensational revelation about Vijay’s relationship status. He also confirmed that he was single and a rebel and the fans of Vijay Devarakonda very well received this. You should not miss Sam Jam if you are a fan of the Arjun Reddy star, and you can catch up with the show on aha.

In the second episode, which premiered on 27th November, Samantha had brought in Rana Daggubati and Nag Ashwin as her guests for the talk show. This episode was also quite popular because the Bahubali star had spoken about his illness and how he had almost a near-death experience. Before the talk show, no one knew about Rana’s illness, and in the talk show, Rana had broken down into tears. He also spoke about how the lockdown was not a bad phase for him because he had met his wife, Miheeka Bajaj. On the other hand, Nag Ashwin was also talking about how he had come about the story of Mahanati and what kind of challenges he had faced while directing the film. If you are a fan of Rana Daggubati or Nag Ashwin, you should catch up with the show.

In the third episode, Samantha had brought in SainaNehwal and ParupalliKashyap as her guests. SainaNehwal spoke about her personal life, and Kashyap was also talking about the face challenges he had faced and the people who helped him. A talented flute boxer Sudheer had performed on the stage, and if you do not want to miss all these interesting things, you should catch up with Sam Jam. Many other prominent guests on the show, so to watch shows online like Sam Jam, download the OTT app today.