Racing By The Sea

It doesn’t take any scientific study or major research to understand that running on the beach, a habit that has been gaining more adherents, is much more demanding than on the road. However, studies do exist and some argue that running on sand requires 1.6 times more energy than running on a hard surface, due in large part to the mechanical work our bodies have to do to get out of it.

– The Power Of Natural Music

Although it’s a good idea to take your phone with you if you have any difficulties, this time it has natural ambient music, provided by the sound of the sea. Enjoy!

Manufacturers’ Concerns

The feet are one of the most active areas of our body. Good shoes are essential for optimal performance. For the product line manager, when talking about the Nike Free RN Motion Fly knit, the comments are of a «barefoot experience» and «freedom of movement», probably due to the technology that is incorporated in these sneakers.

A midsole made of auxetic materials in the shape of three geometric stars mimics the reaction that the body and foot have to force, taking into account the variation in the size of our feet, which occurs during the race, about one size above in length and two in width. With the increased mobility that the new model allowed, designers had to rethink the seams.

The seams and the way of joining the different layers of the sole that, in their original state, would impede the dynamics of this new version. Thus, they took advantage of the malleability of an upper with Fly knit technology, stretching it under the foot and creating a single layer that works in harmony with the new tools in this model. Tira Shick even assumes that «this model was created to have a different performance considering the surfaces, body weight and so on».

“The theory behind auxetic materials is that they move depending on where the impact is”, add this professional. The Nike Free concept was born in 2001 when testimonials from a legendary trainer inspired designers to create a shoe model that replicated the feel of barefoot training but incorporating protection and support.