Mind-Blowing Pandemic Outbreak Movie

The world is undoubtedly going through an unbearably tough time.

The covid-19 outbreak has inadvertently menaced and hampered our daily lives. Here that the moviegoers are among the ones who have felt discouraged the most, especially the Telugu ones. Telugu cinema has its tempo. The upbeat portrayal of Tamil movies’ characters and intense storylines give an enthralling movie watching experience while watching Tamil movies. Due to the covid-19 infection threats, it won’t be a plausible move to go and watch movies in the theatre. Thankfully, the Telugu exclusive OTT platform Aha brings all the joy and contentment of Telugu cinema to your home screens. Aha houses a wide array of stellar Telugu movies and shows in various genres that can satisfy your appetite for Telugu entertainment on the go. It not only makes Aha an ideal platform to watch movies online but also keep the Telugu commoners connected to the entertainment industry at extremely low subscription charges for as low as Rs. 1/- per day! The platform is also an excellent place for the Telugu fraternity to watch thriller movies online. Having said that, and with the ongoing pandemic scenario, you’re going to love the Telugu thriller gem Nipah Virus.

Nipah Virus, a medical thriller flick based on the real events of the Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala, is precisely directed by Aashiq Abu to deliver an enchanting performance. Co-produced by the husband-wife duo, Aashiq Abu and Rima Kallingal, the movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. The mesmerizing portrayal of DrAnnu by Parvathy Thiruvothu, Paul V Abraham by Tovino Thomas, Nurse Akhila by Rima Kallingal, and CK Pramila by Revathy will leave you awed. The Telugu dubbed SushinShyam has beautifully soundtracked Malayalam movie that amicably flows with the impeccable cinematography by Rajeev Ravi and Shyju Khalid. The movie is a wholesome package of enticing acting, powerful direction, and unmatched cinematography. Released in July-19, the movie gained a lot of appreciation and momentum when Covid-19 struck its fantastic relativity to the ongoing scenario.

The Nipah Virus story incomparably presents the chaos followed by the dreadful pandemic that broke out in Kerala in 2018. The movie’s plot is set out in  Kozhikode- Kerala, where a patient (Zachariah) with high fever, severe cough, and vomiting is hospitalized, who shortly passes away. The Sooner the nurse taking care of the patient also falls sick. It later turns out the patient was the first victim of the deadly Nipah virus. The story proceeds stirringly with the loss of lives and struggles of the doctors and local administration containing the fatal disease.

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