How to Wear a Korean-inspired Outfit for Work from Home

In the time of home quarantines, you may have discovered some new skills and interests. Those who didn’t love to cook or had no time to do it, now had enough time to experiment and enjoy their own creations. Those who didn’t love social media may be on it all the time now. And you may have even discovered the world of k-pop. If you have, you’ll probably be familiar now with the outfits and the makeup. They’re all enviable, aren’t they?

Want to dress like them for work? Here’s how:

Practice the Art of the Messy Bun

Before you dive into styling your Korean-inspired outfits, practice the messy bun. Why? Because it will make all your outfits look effortlessly styled, especially now that you’re working from home. Your goal is to look effortless when you wear a Korean-inspired outfit, and a messy bun tops it off quite well. Wear your hair in a bun and let some of the strands fall loose. Once you can do the perfect messy bun without thinking about it, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Wear Loose but Well-fitting Clothes

Yes, we said loose and well-fitting. There are oversized clothes that simply hide your curves and don’t do you any good. You don’t want that. What you want is an outfit that looks comfortable but still shows off your body. For this, you’ll want to experiment with outfit combinations that give you the perfect silhouette. Choose a semi-fitted skirt to go with your loose top. Tuck a shapeless blouse into boyfriend jeans. Fold and tuck, pinch and tie whenever needed.

The colors are important, too. You want shades that complement your skin type, and choose neutral whenever possible. Everything should coordinate in your outfit, but this doesn’t mean dressing in the same color from head to toe. Choose one color to accentuate in your outfit, and match your metals. That is how you dress effortlessly.

Finish off with Natural Makeup

Your favorite characters in a k-drama or your favorite idols look like they’re not wearing makeup, but they are. That’s the beauty of Korean skincare. This requires some prep work, however. From the day before, you will want to buy face mask online, apply that on your face until it absorbs all the goodness of the product, and the next day, enjoy your glowing skin. On the day itself, choose a lip shade that makes you look more youthful and charming, and match it with your subtle eye makeup. The keyword here is subtlety.

Bring All the Elements Together

Remember that loose bun? The endless ways you tried to style your loose top? All of these come together to form that perfect work-from-home outfit with a Korean twist. With a soft and neutral palette, you will feel like you’re in your very own k-drama. The more you play around with your look, the better you will be at dressing this way.

Koren fashion is definitely something beautiful to admire and try on for yourself. As you take on this challenge, don’t forget to have fun and let your personality shine through!

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