How To Find And Hire A Reliable Carpentry Service?

Carpenters work in diverse settings. They may work in commercial, residential, construction, or ship-building settings. Without carpenters, it is hard to imagine the building’s interior design. They even specialize in creating exclusive wooden furniture and several other house parts like doors, frames, windows, roofs, etc. If you are planning to hire carpentry services in Singapore for your home interiors then it is essential to hire a reliable one. 

There is an array of carpentry services available in Singapore and sieving a good one is challenging. 

How to find and hire a reliable carpentry service?

Search online

Google carpentry services in Singapore and you will be presented with a lengthy list. You can even check Homees.co, an online service directory dedicated to service providers in Singapore. You can easily hire a carpenter for your carpentry project. 

Check their profile and read previous clients’ reviews. You can gain a good insight into the potential carpentry contractor. The directory even mentions the contact details for users to directly contact the service providers without having to wait for a reply to their emails. 

Compare quotes

Never hire the first carpentry service that responds to your request but collect quotes from at least 3 to 4 companies. Each carpentry service differs, so compare their rates before signing. Never choose the cheapest one because the work quality can suffer. 

More than 60% of the total quotes are associated with raw materials, so for offering cheaper services the professionals can cut costs in choosing cheap raw materials. So, ask about materials used along with the price. Understand how they calculated the price calculation. 

Experience & training 

A degree is not essential but many carpenters learn via apprenticeships. They learn the trade and take a woodwork or carpentry certification course. Ask them about their experience in the carpentry sector because experience makes them sharpen their problem-solving skills and even speeds up the tasks they do. Proper training means they can work proficiently and safely with the latest tools. 

Honesty & reliability

As the work will be performed inside or outside your home or office, the craftsmen have to be honest and trustworthy. The first choice has to be work-of-mouth. You can even ask past customers about their experience with the potential carpentry service and work timeline. You can even give a visit to see their previous woodworks. 


A reliable carpentry service will offer a warranty on the materials and workmanship. It means they vouch for the quality you will get. 

Characteristics to look for in woodworkers

  • Physical strength & stamina – Working with timber includes hours of hard work. Therefore proper physical fitness is needed as all the task is performed with body and arm strength. Sometimes, artisans need to work in tough weather and that needs physical stamina & resistance. In the field, carpentry needs assembling and clasping of small items like dowel pins and screws. Therefore the hands of the professionals must be steady and able to make smooth finger movements. 
  • Problem-solving skills – Working with wood in the construction or interior designing sector needs critical thinking because things may not go as planned at times. It is not based on fixed planning, so the carpenters must have problem-solving skills to make adjustments using their deftness.
  • Basic math skills – Carpentry work needs plenty of measurements and calculations, so carpenters need to have strong basic math skills. When you meet the artisan discuss your plans. He will give you an estimate of the things needed through measurement and calculations. 
  • Computer skills – Besides, hand tools high-tech devices are also used in this sector. Carpenters are using spreadsheets for project planning and MS word to communicate with managers and clients about the design, scope, and status of the project. They even use an electronic punch list of the tasks to finish. 
  • Mechanical skills – Carpentry projects need professionals to work with lots of machines and tools. Carpenters use equipment like laser levels, extension ladders, and rotary tools like power sanders. They need to have good experience in using these gears to cut and shape the material to specific dimensions.  
  • Other skills – The carpenters need to be sensitive to minute details as precision is crucial while measuring and fitting. They work with a variety of customers so need to have good communication and listening skills to understand needs. 

Look for the above characteristics and you will find a good carpentry service for your project!