How to Connect with your Godchild

The honor of becoming a godparent is undoubtedly great, but this role is not without responsibility. Similar to being a parent, this is a lifelong commitment that you will make to a child, which means that you will be playing a special role in their life. This will require love, time and advice on your part, but can be quite rewarding. The problem is that most godparents don’t know how to connect with their godchild. Are you in the same boat? Listed below are some ways that can help:

  • Spend time together

You need to schedule some time together with your godchild if you want to connect with them. Maybe you could have dinner once a month, just the two of you. Find out their hobbies and interests and see if you can participate in anything together. If they are into music or sports, you could attend their events.

  • Send gifts and cards

This doesn’t mean that you order something generic. Put some effort in finding the right gift for occasions and make sure you buy a good godson or goddaughter birthday card that conveys your sentiments. It will show them that you care and is also a great way of connecting with them.

  • Create some fun traditions

Try to come up with some fun activities that you can do together every year. This could be dyeing the eggs on Easter or making cookies on Christmas. This will give help you stay connected and give you something to look forward to.

  • Stay involved

Even if you two live far apart, it is not difficult to stay in touch. Try talking on the phone or video chatting routinely. Take advantage of the perks offered by technology these days and remain involved in your godchild’s lives, no matter how far you two may be.

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