How can poker be played with 3 players? Know the answer here and play 

A poker game can be played by up to 12 players but playing with three players will be different. Some changes need to be made to the game rules to reduce biasness. But, how can poker be played with 3 players? This is very easy, depending on the level of seriousness of the game.

If you are playing money poker, you will need to change the poker chips, blinds, and pot size. 3-player poker game is fast to complete turns, increasing the c You can earn cash by playing poker game on Getmega websites or app.

How to play a three-player poker.

The following are steps of playing a three-player poker

Step 1: decide the mood of the game

It is necessary to decide among the three of you the mode of the game. You decide you are going to play a money game or for fun. If you will play serious bet poker, you need to get yourself ready for the game. Remember, the turns will be short, which will reduce the probability of winning the game.

Step 2: give your poker chips value.

A three-poker game will have several colors of chips to choose from. The colors are set for many players, and reducing the number of players will not reduce the chip colors, so it will be upon players to choose which color and value.

You can also decide not to give the value to your chips and give the three-player a third of the poker chip number. In this case, the winner will be given any money that the players place. However, it is not easy to make a lot of money in such a game.

Step 3: eliminate or re-buy

Once the chips are exhausted in a big poker game, the player gets eliminated from the game. At the same time, others allow them to re-buy the chips. If you use the elimination methods, the game will be complete in a short time and make it less enjoyable. Allowing buying back of chips is the best way to keep the game live in a three-player poker.

Step 4: Structure the size of your blind

The size blind is essential to the game’s pace. A tiny blind encourages everyone to participate in the hand, slowing down the game. A big blind encourages aggressive play and speeds up the game.

You can change the rules in a three-player game, be it offline or online games. You may either have no blinds or have a blind for each player to speed up the game. A single substantial blind instead of two tiny blinds might also speed it up.

Step 5: establish the poker rules to keep your game smooth

you’ll want to establish some ground rules for what is and isn’t appropriate behavior on the part of your players. If you have a person continually looking at their phone, this might make it challenging to participate. Establishing when breaks will be taken is also beneficial so that everyone may get a beer or use the restroom at the appropriate time.

Tips for playing a three-player poker game

  • Play with medium strength hand because it is difficult to predict.
  • When using a solid hand, use it aggressively.
  • Take advantage of premium hand and do not play slow
  • Concentrate on the game and do not be distracted by minor things
  • Do not call in if you do not have enough chips to play
  • If your chips are leading, take advantage by playing aggressively
  • Observe the poker game rules


can poker be played with 3 players? Yes, it is possible. You will have to adjust some things to make the game enjoyable. You can participate in various poker game tournaments in Getmega. All you need is to download the app and sign in.

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