Expert Tips from Military Families to Ship the Vehicles

It is quite common for military families to keep relocating from one place to another. However, relocating to a new place with your car is not an easy task. Car shipping services offer a reliable, cost-effective, and convenient way for temporary relocation.

After taking the inputs and advice from military families, we have compiled a list of beneficial tips that would help make the entire shipping process convenient and safe.

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Do the Paperwork

You would need to do thorough documentation to properly complete the shipping formalities.

It will make you more organized. Some of the things that you need for the paperwork are:

  • copies of your shipping orders,
  • mortgage and other financial documents related to shipping,
  • birth certificates,
  • social security cards, and
  • rental agreements,

Decide What You Need to Relocate

You may have several things in your house but you may not want to move every single thing. So, examine the different areas of the room one by one and prepare a list of the things you would want to pack and want to leave. It will give you clarity on what needs to be relocated to the new place.

·       Begin washing

A month before you plan to move, begin washing your curtains, pillow covers, slipcovers, etc. In this way, you will get clean things in your new house. You would only need to install them at the right locations. So, start cleaning them and keep them ready before the shipping firm arrives.

·       Use Giant Ziplock Bags

Packers grab and put every small item haphazardly in boxes. On reaching the new place, you will need to resort to each item and unpack it. One of the time-saving tips is to dump all your small items such as markers, toy bins, pencils, etc. into giant Ziploc bags.

·       Click the Picture of the Backside of the Television.

To ensure that you set up the connections correctly after reaching the new place, it is a good idea to click a picture of the rear side of the television. It will help you remember, which cord goes into which slot and will ease the assembly process.

·       Go as Liquid Free as You Can

There is a possibility that the liquid can spill and spoil all the other things during the move. To avoid this hassle, it is best to avoid carrying liquid things as much as you can. A few months before the shipping date, ensure that you purchase a new bottle of any liquid. You can switch to powder-based products to use during the time left for the shipping.


Military families have to move from one location to another frequently. In other words, relocation becomes a part of their lifestyle. By following simple tips and hiring the best car shipping company, your relocation process will become a lot simpler and easier.