Do I Have To Cleanse My Colon?

Getting your colon cleansed is normal when you’re preparing for medical procedures like a colonoscopy. However, sometimes medical practitioners recommend colon cleansing for other reasons like detoxification. Colon cleansing has many benefits, like improving the digestive system so that potato calories and other foods can digest quickly. Many times, colon cleansing isn’t always necessary. That’s because the digestive system automatically removes waste material from the body.

When you carry out colon cleansing, large amounts of water are flushed through the colon. Most times, the process is carried out by inserting a tube into the rectum. There are times when colon cleansing can be very harmful and possibly lead to death. Sometimes, you don’t have to colon cleanse or get colonic irrigation. Other options still get you the same result as colon cleansing, and below are a couple of these methods.

Water Flush

An option for colon cleansing is by carrying out a water flush. This process includes drinking lots of water and ensuring you’re always hydrated. This action will help you regulate digestion without a need for colon cleansing. To successfully carry out a water flush, you need to drink at least eight glasses of lukewarm water every day. You should also focus on foods containing high water content like fruits and vegetables.

High-Fiber Foods

Fiber is a vital micronutrient that people tend to overlook when choosing their foods. You can find it in vegetables and potatoes. Many people tend to think about potato calories and dismiss this food, but it is filled with many nutrients and high fiber content. Fiver can help bulk up excess matter that’s located in the colon. This macronutrient also helps to regulate constipation and overactive bowels. Foods with high fiber content promote a healthy colon and can be suitable for gut bacteria as well.

Resistant Starch

Another essential nutrient you should look out for in your foods to promote a healthy colon is resistant starch. They are a type of sugar your body finds hard to break down. Most times, this means resistant starch remains undigested and becomes bulk in the stool. When there’s more bulk in your stool, the bowel is stimulated to action and helps to cleanse the colon. Some of the foods that are high in resistant starch are potato, yam, bananas, cider, sweet corn, sugar beets, and many more. Potato is one food that promotes colon cleansing and a healthy colon; the best part is that potato calories are pretty low for those watching their weight.