Dealing with the confused mind at trading

How many times have you wondered whether this strategy will work or not? We don’t want to know but this should be food for thought for traders. In this sector where sources of information are available with a click, people are still confused about what to do. Many blame the availability and cheap materials that are flooding the market. Brokers have no control and customers are easily distracted. After following a certain technique, they would come across another advertisement that recommends doing the exact opposite to what the other literature says. This creates complications and leads to failure.

Investors are also confused as they don’t know how to make a profit during volatility. At first, they are advised to stay out of it until the trend becomes consistent. Later, they understand it’s a part of trading which is ubiquitous and they start developing a balanced routine to deal with such issues.

In this article, we are going to describe some common confusions along with some prevention methods. Confused about whether a similar technique can be applied by all investors? Before going through this, empty your mind to get a better understanding.

Doubting a strategy

Investors are wired to doubt any method they use in live trading. After spending months in preparation, they still cannot believe this formula would work in a live market. The reason behind this is the uncertainty. All the global economy and news is teaming up against the individual. It seems impossible that a simple formula can work out. They also have not incorporated any Holy Grail trick sold by advertisers where people have claimed to have had miraculous achievements. This is the most common scenario and can be treated simply. Grow self-confidence and believe in simple formulas. There is even a method known as the KISS strategy which emphasizes using simple solutions. When only a few tools are used in the terminal, the chances of anything going wrong are reduced.

When a complex technique is implemented, understanding may not be compatible to get information based on the analysis. Click to read more about the CFD trading business and try to create a simple strategy. Once you have a simple system, it will become much easier to have faith in that strategy. You don’t have to trade this market with tons of EAs and indicators. Learn to analyze the price mechanism at the support and resistance level. Take trades with managed risk so that you can withstand the losses.

Not believing in analysis

Traders believe the mind is the ultimate tool in Forex. This has a power that no one can deny. By listening to our hearts, we can achieve our goals. Even after they have spent time analyzing, they would still conclude the result is not clear. Instead of rechecking, they would simply trade based on emotion. Hardcore data is what matters in Forex and helps you to evolve at technical analysis. If the analysis is telling there is going to be a volatile movement but you believe the price movement would be consistent, the former concept should be taken into account. Hearts can lie but data will never lie to you. Your mind can play tricks on you, but data will not.

Dubious about forecast

Many reputed sources provide daily forecasts about the currency market.  The reports clearly state how the sector is expected to show movement. People are dubious about their credibility and start going through the news. This takes time and prevents them from making a profit. The movement is uncertain but that is why traders should have a backup plan.

Hesitant to take quick actions

When the time comes, a person should be prepared to take quick actions based on the situation. A moment’s delay can cost hundreds of dollars. Traders think they should allow more time before pulling out of the industry. What if there is a last-minute change? What if the trend recovers and goes in the expected direction? All those thoughts keep people confused and capital is lost. In live trading, take action based on analysis and never delay.

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