Best cocktail serving restaurants in Sydney

I had some friends visiting Sydney recently and we had some time to kill. So we went out on a mission to find Sydney’s best cocktail serving restaurants. After asking around and doing our research (a lot of Google searching, for the record), these were the places that stood out:

Café Sydney

This restaurant is lovely, high-quality food served in a nice ambiance. The staff is also great at suggesting cocktails based on what you order.

Sydney Harbour views are a bonus.

The Sydney Opera House

Don’t let the name fool you, even though it’s located in Sydney’s most famous landmark, this place is a bar that serves up some of Sydney’s best cocktails. Get the Opera Ghost cocktail (which is made with gin infused with white truffle.) This bar has live music and is known for its extravagant decor – definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something to do. You can also see Sydney’s iconic roundabout from here.

Mr. Tulk

This restaurant has lots of seating space so it isn’t too noisy during peak hours. The food is great and the cocktail menu is extensive! They’re one of Sydney’s best cocktail serving restaurants so you won’t be disappointed.

West Sydney Hotel

If you’re looking for Sydney’s best cocktail serving restaurant but can’t afford Sydney prices, visit this place. They have all the great amenities of a high-end Sydney establishment at half the price! If you’re looking to drink on a budget, definitely check out this place! I’ve also heard good things about their Steak Night (ordered medium-rare.)

Paddington Reservoir Bar

This Sydney cocktail bar is great. The staff is very friendly and the cocktails are amazing. Their take on classic Sydney cocktails will surprise you, and they’re also known for their homemade lemonade! Sydney has a hot climate so it’s nice to sip cool drinks when the weather gets warmer (March.)

Sydney CBD Bars

You can’t go wrong with Sydney’s central bars. They range from really classy establishments to places where you can dance – no matter your style, there’s something here for you! Just a tip: this area tends to be pricier than other Sydney bars due to its location close to major attractions like Sydney Opera House and Hyde Park. You might have trouble finding somewhere to eat before Sydney cocktail serving restaurants close at 2 am.

Opera Bar Sydney

First of all, you can’t miss this Sydney cocktail bar because it’s located right next to Sydney Harbour Bridge – the Sydney icon! Their cocktails are also great. They have daily specials so make sure you check the board when you go in. This place has a nice vibe and they’re open till late. If you’re coming here don’t forget your camera! You’ll get some amazing pictures if you sit outside on their patio area facing Sydney Harbour. There’s also plenty of seating for groups – this is another one of Sydney’s best cocktail serving restaurants that will keep everyone happy!

Sydney Central Bars: other options

There is Sydney cocktail serving restaurants scattered throughout Sydney’s central business district. You can find Sydney cocktail bars with pleasant atmospheres and great drinks throughout the Sydney CBD. The trick is to keep asking around. People will be happy to give you suggestions if they see you looking lost. Sydney’s central business district also has a lot of great Sydney food options.

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