All About Grease Trap Maintenance

You will find grease traps in almost all top restaurants. You might not know it, but their working is directly dependent on their cleaning and maintenance. In fact, many states allow you to have a restaurant business license only if you have a proper grease trap up and running.

Many companies provide you services for grease trap maintenance in VA, and seeking professionals would be the right way forward. Apart from professional help, there are some do’s and don’ts for grease trap maintenance that you should follow. Read on to know more.

FOG in grease traps

FOG refers to Fats, Oils, and Grease; It is an abbreviation representing the insoluble hazardous waste produced by food businesses and restaurants all over the globe.

Understand your grease trap

Firstly, you need to know the ins and outs of your grease trap or grease interceptor to understand the cleaning process. A grease trap is a common plumbing device meant to capture FOG before it enters the wastewater system.

Grease traps are divided into two major categories – interiors traps and exterior traps. Interiors traps are present near the dishwasher and can only hold smaller FOGs. On the other hand, the exteriors traps are bigger and can even hold thousands of gallons of FOGS.

Why is cleaning the grease trap important?

In Virginia, you will find many top restaurants in areas like Norton, Virginia Beach, Winchester, Richmond, and Arlinton. These restaurants offer both takeaways and dine-in styles of food consumption.

All these restaurants undertake regular grease trap maintenance. Grease trap maintenance is necessary in Virginia for restaurant functioning and allowances.

Proper installation

Proper installation is one of the make-or-break ways to use the best out of a grease trap. If you end up having an incorrect installation of the grease traps, there are many problems in your way.

But the question arises: How will one know if the installation is improper? The answer is relatively simple, though.

If the grease trap has almost no grease accumulating inside, it is definitely not doing the job correctly, and there is an installation issue that needs to be fixed. You should call professionals for grease trap maintenance in VA in this case.

No enzymes or solvents

As mentioned before, cleaning and the maintenance of the grease traps should largely be left to the experts. If you try to use enzymes or solvents to break down the oils, fats, and grease in the trap, you might aggravate the problem and not solve it.

The fact is that most of such products will not be able to break down the FOGs but will only separate them from the water base. There on, the grease will flow down directly to the wastewater system and end up being clogged right there. The ingredients in the cleaning products like these are also very questionable.

The cities or states will often directly issue a warning not to use these chemicals in the grease trap maintenance.

Wrapping Up

If you are a restaurant owner or a frequent visitor of restaurants in Virginia, you must know the importance of a grease trap. Since you have now understood the ins and outs of its maintenance, we hope that you will go for the right professional experts while dealing with these issues.

Lastly, always recheck the rating of the restaurant based on these aspects to know that you are investing in a safe and hygienic eatery.