5 Best Places to Visit While Travelling Semarang

On the outside, it may not seem to be as appealing as Yogyakarta, but if you devote a day or 2, you will make sure to discover its hidden charms! Here is where and why you need to stop by Semarang on another excursion to Central Java!

  • Karimunjawa National Park

Are you looking for a tropical island escape? Even though it’s a coastal town, the beaches you’ll discover in Semarang aren’t just sunshine and the sand of the sea. Far from the ramifications of fast-moving traffic, a laid back island lifestyle is maintained in Karimunjawa, using eateries serving home-cooked fish dishes along with homestays as ordinary lodging options on the primary island. Originally a nature book, Karimunjawa boasts of some huge assortment of sea fauna and flora, by a kaleidoscope of tropical fish, one of the coral reefs into the birds which encircle over.

  • Brown Canyon

Rather than protesting against the devastation of the scene, the sailors have seen beauty in the flames of quarries only away from the city. Always looking on the bright side is your usual environmental mindset. Isn’t this the excitement we can learn? Decades of mining by explosives and heavy duty gear have left its almost natural markers, sculpting walls and columns which tower thousands of thousands of metres in elevation, a flavor of Arizona’s Grand Canyon directly here in the center of Java.

All these quarries have carved a string of paths around the website, making perfect biking trails for adrenaline junkies. But be warned, there are still trucks during work hours, so it might be fantastic to pack a sheet of fabric and eyeglasses to fend off dust. Found half an hour to the countryside, there are virtually no street signs that could direct you because Brown Canyon isn’t an official tourist destination. You’ll require a competent vehicle and an area guide to show you if you cannot request instructions in Bahasa, Indonesia.

  • Umbul Sidomukti

With a military standard cyber barrier program, it’s guaranteed to challenge even the bravest spirits. If you’re trying to find a more relaxing option to delight in the landscape, then have a dip into the spring water rock pools directly throughout the cafeteria. Made up of interlocking layers, it produces a natural view of the town below.

Just can’t get enough of this scenic landscape? Even the Umbul Sidomukti offers lodging options also. Make sure you reserve in advance as they’re usually fully booked during the year!

  • Eling Bening

Acres of spacious gardens permit you to relish the surrounding air and new cold mountain air as you enjoy a hot meal beneath the mountain. You could even enjoy a great view of Lake Rawa Pening beneath, framed from the surrounding mountains with a twisting road down the center.

Local cuisine is served every day from the minimalist restaurant, in which you can snap a lot of tasteful Instagrammable pictures indeed! Eling Bening also adopts the idea of a household leisure park, and that means you’re free to make your picnic basket and put a mat out on the bud to take pleasure in the cold weather.

  • Genting Kendal

Maybe not for the faint hearted, river tube is as profitable as it’s dangerous, particularly when you’re hurrying down a mountain escape toaster with boulders. After hammering on security gear in the home base, your trip starts with a 15-minute increase through the forests to reach the beginning stage, where a class of 13 rapids awaits you. It is a real test of your endurance and remains concentrated for an entire 2 hours!

You will find calmer seas involving the rapids, decorated with a few of the strangest rock formations located symmetrically along either side of the lake. Neatly stacked and packaged with, they almost seem man-made!

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